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Project / Client

European Security Academy


Work on the project began in 2019. The owners of the specialized combat training academy, which owned a shop offering souvenirs from the courses, wanted to create a brand specialized in the production and sale of tactical clothing.

We were invited to design the visual identity of a new military brand and the mentioned clothing collection. During almost one and a half years of cooperation, the original scope has strongly evolved. In addition to the visual identification system and the visual key of the brand, we have also designed over 60 projects of various types of clothing. Each element of the collection was produced from scratch by Polish producers, which allowed us to decide on the appearance of even the smallest details.

In addition to the cuts themselves, we also designed proprietary zipper pullers or velcro-taped elastomers for comfortable use of clothing with tactical gloves. Months of work on the production of samples, selection of decoration technology, accessories, packaging and many other additions resulted in the premiere of the brand in an e-commerce platform designed by us. For promotional purposes, we also carried out three photo sessions, packshots, product sessions with the use of models and an image session, the effects of which can be seen in the online store.

  • Art Direction
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  • Ecommerce design

The inspiration for creating the mark
was the silhouette of an eagle →
a military [ symbol ] known throughout
the world.

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