Modern and innovative clinic of ortopedics and traumatology.

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EFFI Orthopedic Clinic


EFFI orthopedic clinic it’s a modern and innovative clinic of ortopedics and traumatology of  the locomotor system offering full package of orthopedic services and complex professional medical care in one place. Agency’s task was to create full visual communication system expressing an innovative attitude towards the rehabilitation process that provides an effective recovery and out of the box way of searching for new solutions and methods of treatment.

The strongest point of EFFI orthopedic clinic is complexity and the philosophy of the company that combines focus on the locomotor process and innovative solutions going beyond medical trade’s appropriate limits. EFFI’s offer is addressed to people looking for comfortable and luxury clinic, where under a care of specialists they can get back to great physical condition, for those who’re looking for a clinic that is open for nonstandard solutions and hires highly qualified and passionate staff that truly identifies with the philosophy of the company.

  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Implementation & Management
  • Web Design

The typeface complements clinic's offer and company image. The font is strong but functional and gives a lot of interesting possibilities to use in an interaction with changing moduls of the main graphic sign.

Modern ID system and a very strong logo was enriched with esthetic and contrast anatomic drawings, orthopedic illustrations and pioneering works in photographic studies of motion, compatibile with the concept of showing the process of movement of a human body.

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