Two Four Seven
is an Branding & Digital Solutions studio.

We are a group of people passionate about branding, design, and inspiring product identities. We always go big and never stop aiming for visual and conceptual perfection which meets your and our own expectations.

Ten years of experience enriched our understanding of global approach to branding. We are ready for much more.

Two Four Seven consists of contrasting personalities with the same understanding of design and visual presentation.


An extensive range of brands, products, and branches of business – the same excellent outcome when it comes to branding. First we get to know our clients well and then we create their more consistent and modern self.

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An extensive range of brands, products, and branches of business – the same excellent outcome when it comes to branding. First we get to know our clients well and then we create their more consistent and modern self.

  • TVN
  • Coca - Cola
  • Sony Music
  • Adidas Poland
  • MTV
  • ELLE
  • Warner Music
  • Ballantines
  • Nike Poland
  • TVP
  • Miasto Gdynia
  • Lunapark
  • Levis Europe
  • T - Mobile
  • Diverse
  • New Balance
  • Volvo Poland
  • Orange
  • Browar Amber
  • Europejskie Centrum Solidarności
  • Energa S.A
  • Burn
  • Eurostyl
  • Muzeum Miasta Gdynia
  • Alkopoligamia
  • Ergo Hestia


Awards and stuff




Klub Twórców Reklamy Golden Sword - Branding Heyah Branding
Klub Twórców Reklamy Golden Sword - Fashion KMAG Pussy Riot with Zuza Krajewska
Klub Twórców Reklamy Silver Sword - Typography Oesu Alphabet - Levis
Awwwards Honorable Mention Mniam Visual Production
Polish Graphic Design Awards Distinction - Logo Mniam Visual Production
Behance Various Features Various Projects
Awwwards Honorable Mention / Mobile EXP JIT.Team
Klub Twórców Reklamy Nomination - Identity Mniam Visual Production
Klub Twórców Reklamy Nomination - Store Space Branding OOG Concept Store
Polish Graphic Design Awards Nomination - Utility Poster Hestia Colors
Polish Graphic Design Awards 2018 Award - Occasional product packaging
Polish Graphic Design Awards Distinction - Occasional product packaging BRPD
Polish Graphic Design Awards Distinction - Product packaging Hemp Gru "ETER"
Polish Graphic Design Awards Distinction - Product packaging Pello Caffe
Polish Graphic Design Awards Nomination - Digital media - Desktop Website
Klub Twórców Reklamy Nomination - Serial food packaging Pello Caffe
Klub Twórców Reklamy Nomination - Serial packaging Hemp Gru "ETER"
Łódź Design Festival Must Have 2019 - Typography Overall Activity

The team

Nine passionate people – abundance of creativity and never-ending brainwaves. We fully complete each other and together we are able to astonish people.

Karol Imiałkowski
Co - Founder / Brand Experience Design

Designer and project manager with many years of experience. He feels comfortable in each of these functions and each of them defines him in a way. In 247®Studio he executes projects that focus on visual communication, branding and web-design.

Oskar Podolski
Co - Founder / Art Director

It seemed to him that he should become an architect, but after three years on the drawing board, He wants to hold the pencil in his hand for a completely different reason. He finally finished education In the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódz. Multidisciplinary designer. In 247®Studio responsible for visual identification and brand image.

Piotr Sawicki

I’m an advertising producer and director. Every concept, idea, and film needs an individual approach so I work with creative people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to capture the most compelling human perspectives. Every movie I make teaches me something. That’s why I keep making them.

Zuza Rogala
Junior Designer

She tries to show her love for letters in every project. During the day, focuses on branding, at night on typography. Studying industrial design allowed her to implement three-dimensional thinking into graphic design, and early experience with programming, to combine various media in her projects.

Bartosz Kruszyński
Project Manager

He was developing his career in sales industry. His experience as sales manager helps him with both, managing projects and leading a team of designers to achieve outstanding results every time they create their part of a project. He crossed his path with 247®Studio many years before as an IT equipment supplier and support. After a long time of blooming cooperation, they both decided to take their partnership to a new level and make him a part of their team from November 2018.

Maciej Wajde
Key Account Manager

He comes from Greater Poland, however, the fate brought him to the Tri-City. Passionate about organizing reality, cooperation with people and management. He is a fan of ordering disorder and planning. He can not imagine life without a calendar, notebook and Excel. Most friends and his associates consider him an incorrect optimist, an oasis of peace and MacGyver of the younger generation. In his dictionary there is no word “impossible”. What’s more, he likes to face the challenges that seem to be such.

Bartłomiej Konopka
Web Developer

Initially he was dealing with webdesign, currently he mainly focuses on web and application developing. A graduate of the Technical University of Łódź, specializing in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. For the past 7 years, he has worked with more than a dozen companies as a subcontractor for more than 200 projects. In 247®Studio responsible for implementation of website designs.

Krystian Tyrański

Coming to 247®Studio from an Industrial Design background – got a master’s degree in the industrial design at Academy of Art in Gdańsk. Author of unique brand identities concepts that stand the test of time. He connects superlative manual skills with wide knowledge of digital world.

Karolina Godlejewska

Designing for her is a variety of — chaos mixed with harmony. She loves playing with forms, colors and typography. Her projects communicating the content in understandable way. They are functional, balanced and attractive.