Building strong brand recognition is key to driving customer engagement and ultimately new business opportunities. A well-thought-out creative concept can make you stand out from competition and bring longevity to your products and services.

Attention to detail is one of our core strengths. While building a brand, we focus on the intricacies without losing sight of the big picture and the end game. By eliminating distractions and creating effective solutions, we help define the necessary elements that make up your brand image and visual identification.
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01 — discover

The first stage of the design process is the Discover phase where we engage in an inspirational brainstorming session to lay the partnership foundation, expectations, goals, and timeline.

  • Branding Workshops
  • Corporate Identity Audit
  • Project research
  • Product research
  • Competition Research
  • Market Research

02 — define

In the next stage – Define, we outline the design problem, verify the most important values, and select the strongest features and key differentiators for the brand. The base for the project is built and the brand messaging is established.

  • Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Tone of Voice

03 — design

Once the foundation is set, we begin the Design process where we present recommendations for multiple concepts that the client can choose from. This will be used as the primary direction of the project.

  • Creative Direction
  • Identyfikacja Wizualna
  • Corporate Identity
  • User Experience
  • User Brand Experience
  • Copywriting & Core Messaging
  • Iconography Design
  • Wayfinding
  • Editorials & Publications
  • Packaging Designs
  • Social Media Content
  • Clothing Design
  • Logo Design

04 — deliver

The last stage and maybe one of the most important components to the process is to DELIVER. The developed concepts are put in their final form for the full effect of the brand and product to be showcased. Let’s LAUNCH!

  • Brand Manual & Guidelines
  • Tone of Voice Guidelines
  • Content Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Production Supervision and Coordination
  • Development services

Meaningful and relevant communication with your target audience is how you will build awareness, loyalty, and stand out from competition in a saturated market.

The most effective messaging will empower and resonate with your audiences deeply held values and illuminate their way through a memorable experience. We ensure that your visual identity will make a strong first impression that will last for years to come.

  • ID & Branding Design

    With the numerous communication channels brands use to reach their audiences, it’s our job to make the messaging consistent and effective while keeping the brand image fresh. That is how you will stand out from the others and make a true impact.

    We will work hand in hand during the strategy related workshops and market research in order to create the most effective and unique Brand ID and messaging. This includes signage, marking systems design, packaging, web, and marketing materials. Rest assured, your brand is in good hands.

    Our portfolio consists of several rebranding success stories from top in-market brands.

    Case Studies
  • Web & App Design

    As we design Websites and Apps, we focus on the three most important areas that determine user satisfaction: simple and functional design, easy access to information and intuitive navigation path that finalizes the purchase decision.

    We take care of both technical and emotional aspects of your client’s journey with your product or service. User experience has been playing a vital role in our projects so far. Whether we design a website, a contact form or a complex product configurator—we create a coherent brand identity via User experience.

    User Experience determines the user’s impressions when they use a product or encounter a brand. It usually takes 5 seconds for the user to evaluate their experience. This is exactly why both a website, an online store, an app or a booking system should be simple, intuitive and engaging. These are the crucial elements for your brand to be successful.

  • Brand Strategy

    Shaping brands and their identities begins with market research, strategy, and creative content creation. We know what to do, when to do, and how to do it all.

    The brand strategy allows you to build long-term communication from market entry and scalability to innovation and expansion. We help make sure you have an excellent strategy in place that will speak to your audience clearly and in impactful ways.

    This is why we begin our strategy planning with market and consumer research as well as brand analysis followed by creating the brand name and description. From there we create a full comprehensive strategy that connects to all communication outlets and marketing touchpoints.

    For brands who have already made their footprint in the market, we offer thorough identity audits and strategy workshops that help optimize and build on top of current strategies. No matter what stage your brand is at, we will find the hidden value that can take you to a whole new level of creativity and consumer engagement.


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