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Interia, a famous Polish website which provides world news, lifestyle articles and many more services to numerous recipients every day. The process of rebranding and giving that well-known name a new and fresh look was one of the most engaging and challenging project we have ever been part of.

The brand had been on the market for many years before we started our work on its rebranding. Interia originated from RMF FM, a famous radio station, that’s why it had similar looks and colours. Leaving aside Interia’s visual connection to RMF FM was an almost impossible undertaking. Yet, we managed to give this brand a new, distinctive visual identification, which stands out and shows change and modern approach to the understanding of internet branding. The new logo of Interia can be adjusted to the various services the website offers and to the ever-changing world of news – it can look differently each day. The new colours show the dynamic of the brand and its influential position on the market.

  • Rebranding
  • Strategy Consultations
  • Art Direction
  • Campaign project


New logo is based on simple and expressive custom lettering which is a basis for various graphic interpretations.

An important part of the key visual is the dynamic sharp pattern. The gray-white version is primarily for background construction

Vivid colourful patern emphasize the dynamic of the brand and is an important eyecatcher for advertising campaigns use

  • Services

    All major services were designed responsively so that enables layout to fit the screens of different devices automatically, displaying the content in a way that people feel comfortable.

  • 365 days, 365 logos

    The concept of morphic logo refers to the specificity of the product, which is a dynamic multidimensional portal. It explore the logo to the maximum and gives room for news and information.

  • Outdoor Campaign

    In the process we created several concepts of outdoor campaigns which was the first attempt to apply key visual elements.

  • Different story everyday

    Everyday, there’s a different story behind morphic logo referring to the curiosities from the history, culture and entertainment that happened on this particular date.

  • Mobile icons

    An example of a set of icons created for the iPad main function is to attracts attention in the App Store and stands out on the Home screen.

  • Layout

    As portal’s functionality and design can provide a far-reaching impact on an organization and its processes we so the challenge was to limit graphic expansion without lost for visual identity.


Designed to follow diversity

There are many topics and many points of view, the world is complicated and multidimensional. We are here to show it to you.

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