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Hemp Gru


As you have probably noticed by now, we have been involved in projects coming from many different areas of business and art.

The project we are going to tell you about now is even more special and unique. Hemp Gru is a hip hop group which originated in Poland in the late 90s’. They are one of the first groups to do music of this kind in Poland and they are greatly respected in the community. For the twentieth anniversary of their existence, Hemp Gru decided to prepare one last record. We were responsible for the looks of the record itself, the basic version and the Deluxe edition.

The members of Hemp Gru gave us the green light to interpret the title of the record Eter (Eng. Ether) – it was a huge honor for us. To properly depict the nature of Hemp Gru’s music, we invited our dear friend Paweł Fabjański, a remarkable Polish photographer, to cooperate with us on that project.

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         Album Hemp Gru “Eter” for many recipients can be a significant jump. Bilon, Wilku, Żary and Szwed SWD reject stereotypical templates and bravely create hip-hop reality.
Representatives of Warsaw prepared for the fans what they missed the most – expressive message, sincere and memorable texts and world-class sound. Szwed SWD is responsible for the production of the album, the leading representatives of the hip-hop scene will be guest appearances.


The premiere of the album “Eter” coincides with the 20th existence of the Hemp Gru band. The publishing can be obtained in a non-standard Super Jewel Box / deluxe version and in a classic form / normal version.


           In addition, in the jubilee version, we come across a ZIN / Mini book that tells about the 20-year activity of the band / paper version + dust jacket. In addition, both covers are printed on a transparent film that consists of layers which entirely form a portrait of all team members. The transparency and spatiality of the design correspond to the title of the ETER. In addition, the concept of the entire publishing house translated into Hemp Gru’s communication and video.


Above all _ special thanks to boys / Wilku, Bilon, Szwed, Żary / for all the patience given to us. We are pround of collaboration with you, and we wish for the future – another cooperations as well as great time together!

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