Gwiazda Morza
Image building campaign.

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Gwiazda Morza


Cooperation with the Gwiazda Morza Resort was a very complex project. In addition to the entire identification of the Resort and all the materials that we described earlier, our task was also to create the concept of an information campaign that will present the new image of the Resort to target customers.

  • Art Direction
  • Advertising campaign
  • Photo Shoot
  • AdWords

The result was interesting, slightly humorous frames embedded in the colors matching the Resort's identification. The whole creation was complemented by slogans created by the copywriter, which were placed directly in the pictures.

Room service

Our service is invisible. We will take care of cleanliness without disturbing your rest. You will only notice effects. In our hotel nothing will disturb your rest.


We know the recipe for a tasty cuisine. We are not afraid to jump into deep water for the freshest ingredients. Discover the depth of taste with us. You’ll find the best local specialties and the freshest ingredients on your plate.


Don’t worry, agreement is only a matter of time. We work hard for the honest smile of your pet. We will find a common language with each guest. Your favorites are welcome and treated royally.


Every day we show what we can do. Experience is not our only advantage. We also have super powers. Trust our experience. Professional, fast and effective. When we need to, we act like superheroes. Only seemingly we are ordinary. We use our super powers when needed.

After fitting to the required formats, the campaign was published on the internet, contributing to a large extent building awareness of the Gwiazda Morza brand.

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