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Amber Brewery


The Amber Brewery is a place that has been satisfying the taste of beer gourmet in Poland and abroad, for over 25 years. They are also the organizers of the largest beer event in Poland – Amber Fest. Amber Brewery decided to refresh the image of two brands of its beers – Amber Naturalny and Amber Chmielowy.

Our Studio was responsible for creating a completely new, more modern image of both of these products, which was supposed to reach younger customers, and change the target group slightly.

New colors, bold typography and most importantly – the new logo has completely changed the look and perception of well-known bottles and cans from store shelves. We have thoroughly analyzed the current situation and market research to make sure that the new face of popular brands will not only satisfy current fans, but will also interest new customers.

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Cooperation with Browar Amber was exceptional for us, among other things,
due to the fact that it is within our immediate neighborhood, and draws its values from
the region where it is located.

The purpose of the rebranding
was not only to give new touches
to the image, but also to unify it.

The Amber sign has always been present as the main element of the logotype. It has evolved for many years, enriched with various effects, appearing in many visual variations.


Many typographical attempts were made,
and the final logo was constructed by hand.

The logotype has gained more dynamics
due to its skewing and compact construction.

Reflecting the modern character of the brand, which is constantly developing
and open to the needs of the consumer.

Amber Naturalny beer has been brewed
in the Amber Brewery since 2010, and Amber Chmielowy since 2013.

Labels history

The appearance of the labels has changed many times over the years.
The last edition, however, gave them a much more modern look, also causing that it satisfies a little younger gourmets who appreciate the aesthetic value of new labels. In addition, we emphasized the regional aspect by referring to the crest of Gdańsk.

Label production was not
an easy task either.

Metallic paper and the limited number of colors available forced us to rethink the label composition to meet production requirements. Another difficulty was the custom punch, which Browar Amber has not benefited.

Despite all adversities, we were able to achieve our goal, the effect of which are visible on store shelves, new bottles and cans.


The aim was to achieve the effect of consolidating the old, positive impressions and emotions associated with the brand’s tradition and to build new, fresh impressions emphasizing the quality of the product.

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