New logo, town wayfinding, website and much more to see in the report on the implementation of this project. Enjoy!

Another project completed. This time, the results of our work can be seen in the Gdańsk Shipyard. Come for a walk and don’t forget to check out the Porfolio section for a full report.

Hi, after quite a long absence and many changes that have been done recently in 247studio. We are coming back with video material that shows our work from the past 3 years. 3 years is a long time you know. You can check it on Vimeo : Click Here

We have recently received information that the jury has already decided to award the main prize in the German Design Awards 2020 to our project! Thanks to Mniam.TV for the opportunity to cooperate on this project and the organizers for a great honor. The award ceremony will take place on 07.02.2020

Another award and another reason to be proud. One of the founders of our Studio – Oskar Podolski – was awarded the Must Have award granted by Łódź Design Festival for lifetime typographic creativity. Congratulations!

One of our latest projects has just been honored on the Behance main page! Applause for Pello Caffe!

Hey! Larger Studio means more satisfied partners. By respecting this principle, we are also expanding our team. Welcome aboard two new designers, Zuza Rogala and Karolina Godlejewska. The experience is different, but they have one thing in common – a passion for design, and that’s what we value the most.

Yes! Four prizes from six nominations. And all this in one of the largest industry events in the country. Thanks to the Polish Graphic Design Awards!

Hey! Flattering opinions about the effects of our work are always the highest distinction for us. The more we are happy with the news that we have recently received. German Design Council qualified our logo design made for for the German Design Award 2020.

Our rebranding project made for the Jit Team brand was awarded as the Second Best Polish Rebranding in 2018! Thank you very much for this distinction.