We design ID / Branding

Visual identity is the very first stage where a prospect meets a brand. First impressions last. And they are simply crammed with opportunities. Coherent and well-thought-out branding concept will serve you for years to come, grow your brand’s awareness and help you evolve creatively together with your product or service.
As we design your branding, we consider the tiniest detail, not losing the big picture. There is no place for accidental projects and ineffective solutions. While creating a visual identity we precisely define the range of its components by combining all our efforts and extensive experience in co-operation with both global and local brands.

The next step is an original creation and consistent implementation strategy. At this stage, you’ll receive our full support in terms of strategy-related workshops and market research, signage and marking systems design, packaging, and marketing materials. Leave all your worries behind and let us pump up your brand—you can count on our complex care.

In our portfolio, you will also find many successful rebranding examples of well-established brands. To freshen up your brand identity while keeping its authenticity and communication coherence—this is our priority. We create unique designs for your brand.


We know how many necessary elements builds effective visual identification. Our competences allow us to precisely define the range of components of each project. We believe that only a well-thought-out creation in combination with a planned implementation strategy is a best way to build the authentic identity of the brand.

  • Brand experience
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Voice & Messaging
  • System & Guides
  • Communications
  • Content direction
  • Strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Go to market strategy
  • Trends & Insights
  • Rebranding